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The Finolex electric iron allows you to begin your day in a seamless manner. Our technology ensures crumpled chaos transforms into sleek sophistication effortlessly. It banishes wrinkles, keeps clothes immaculate, ready to conquer and gives you the key to unlocking a world where crisp elegance prevails, where confidence is nurtured, and where impeccable style becomes your daily mantra. Get the mighty Finolex Iron to create a lasting impression.

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Steam Iron

Harnessing the power of steam, these irons effortlessly dampen and relax fabric fibers, enabling effortless pressing. But that's not all - the steam works its magic, ensuring your clothes stay perfectly crisp for extended periods. Whether it's heavy creases, linens, or even large fabrics, this smartly engineered buddy will keep you a step ahead with its non-stick coating, anti-drip technology, great steam output, and lots more. Experience convenience and lasting perfection with our remarkable steam irons. 

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Dry Plastic Iron

These lightweight and user-friendly irons deliver efficiency and convenience. Ready in an instant, they offer optimal temperature control and precise heat distribution. Glide effortlessly over multiple fabric types, erasing wrinkles with ease. Experience the joy of ironing with these dynamites that are packed with reliable snap-action thermostats, advanced soleplates with German coating, and an LED indicator to make your job absolutely simple. Here’s your ultimate answer to getting a wrinkle-free wardrobe.

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Dry Metal Iron

Harnessing heat and pressure, the dry iron expertly glides over garments, restoring smoothness to fabric fibers. Powered by an electric heating element, the iron's soleplate, ensures efficient wrinkle removal with precision and ease. It is best used for printed fabrics, and water-sensitive fabrics, tackling the seams and stubborn pleats. Its uniform heating, seamless movement, neon indicator and overheating safety shut-off allows you to keep your clothes in the best state, each day. So say goodbye to creases and hello to impeccable style with a trustworthy dry iron.