Water Heaters

Finolex’s avant-garde collection of water heaters are a fusion of aesthetics, energy efficiency, and intelligent design. These heaters deliver swift and unwavering warmth, conquering challenges posed by the cold winter. Raise your expectations with Finolex where state-of-the-art technology converges with unparalleled performance to ensure a future-proof solution that transcends the ordinary. So bring home refreshing showers !!

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Storage Water Heater

Say goodbye to shivering showers and embrace a sanctuary of luxurious warmth. With their innovative design and cutting-edge technology, Finolex’s storage water heaters transform your home into a haven of soothing indulgence. Where convenience, efficiency, and uninterrupted relaxation redefine the way we experience this warm bliss. Packed with powerful features like heavy gauge tanks, adjustable temperature knobs, Blue Topaz glass-lined enamel coating and Hexa protection technology, these water heaters promises you the comfort of great showers throughout the year.

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Instant Water Heater

Meet your instant oasis of warmth. Elevate your daily rituals with a seamless flow of hot water at a moment's notice, effortlessly transforming your bathing experience. These remarkable instant water heaters have been crafted for an unrivaled performance. Infused with superior technology these geysers epitomize reliability and efficiency. Get an Instant water heater for those rushed mornings.

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Immersion Water Heater

Experience the exceptional Finolex immersion rod. With a durable heating element and shockproof plastic handle, this investment delivers longevity and safety. Portable and hassle-free, these low maintenance immersion rods give instant heating at your convenience.