Enlighten every corner of your home and life with advanced, energy-efficient LEDs from Finolex. The innovative range of modern lighting solutions gives your space the shine it deserves and also adds to the glam with aesthetically beautiful designs. No matter what your specific needs and preferences are, we definitely have a solution in our extensive selection of LEDs that come in different designer shapes and varied color temperatures.

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Indoor Lights

Make your home a place to fall in love at first sight with the exquisite indoor decorative lighting range of Finolex. Whether you wish to create a warm and cozy ambiance in your living room, enhance productivity in your office, or add elegance to your dining area, there’s a light for every situation. You can select from a wide variety of stylish LED spot downlights, LED battens, and Double & Tri color panels, that are made to suit every interior design theme.

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Outdoor Lights

If you think outdoors are already naturally beautiful, then clearly you have not given the new range of Finolex lighting a glance. Our new range of outdoor & industrial lighting solutions includes durable and weather-resistant fixtures such as slim LED floodlights, and LED lens streetlights, all crafted with high-quality materials to withstand various outdoor conditions. From striking designs to bold and contemporary styles, our industrial & outdoor lighting range offers a diverse selection to complement any outdoor setting.