Smart Homes

Finolex Smart products offer you the latest technological innovations for your home. Whether you need Smart Door Locks or Smart Switches, our smart products are designed to bring you the best of technology and convenience. With Finolex Smart solutions, you can upgrade your home the smart way and take stress out of your mind.

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Finotouch - Smart Switches

Finotouch, the ultimate in home automation. With remote access and control, homeowners can command their devices from anywhere using smartphones, tablets, or computers. It seamlessly integrates with voice-controlled smart assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri, and offers an array of customization options, enabling tailored schedules and scenes to match your lifestyle.

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The future of safety is here. Finolex Smart Door Locks, the ultimate solution for your home security. These innovative locks use CMOS Technology for Biometric Sensor, which allows you to unlock your door with your fingerprint. No more keys, no more hassle. Plus, it can be operated using Password, RFID Card and Mechanical Key. The Finolex Smart Door Locks are not only secure, but also stylish. They come in various sleek and modern designs that will enhance your home's appearance.