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Mounting Boxes
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Mounting Boxes

Finoswitch Mounting Boxes

Finoswitch Mounting boxes are available in two types :

  • Concealed Mounting Box
  • Surface Mounting Box

Metal Concealed Box

These boxes are available in two varieties :

a) Powder Coated Box
This box gives protection against rust for longer period.Aesthetically Brilliant

b) Galvanized Iron (GI) Box
This box is made of Galvanized Iron. They also offers good resistance against corrosion.

Plastic Concealed Box

Advantages of Finoswitch Plastic Concealed Boxes are as follows :

  • Made of ABS with FR Properties
  • No need of Earthing (In Metal Concealed Box ,Earthing Terminal is provided for earthing). Plastic Concealed Box is safer than Metal Concealed Box
  • Plastic Concealed Box is Cheaper than Metal Concealed Box
  • Vertical & Horizontal Play of Clip is available similar to Metal Concealed Box for adjustment
  • Plastic Concealed boxes are provided with Knock outs similar to Metal Concealed Boxes
  • Plastic Concealed boxes are having sufficient strength

Surface Mounting Boxes

Surface Mounting Boxes made of ABS with FR properties. Surface boxes are of unique design.There is no need to use hacksaw for making cut outs in the boxes.Knock outs for both Casing-caping & Pipes are provided. Aesthetically these boxes are very attractive.
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