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Training & Development
Human resource assumes ever increasing relevance in this world based on informative intelligence. In these times of rapidly developing management concepts & information flow, there is a need to constantly undertake introspections & be ready to face new challenges, lest developments overtake us. As representatives of one of the leading industrial houses, we need to be aware of & appreciate the very skill sets which fuel it’s growth & enable it to maintain the leading edge in a very competitive market. 

‘There is nothing permanent except change’ wrote Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher in the 6th century BC. The proclamation could have not been more true - than in our times. Considering the unceasing giant strides being undertaken in the fields of science & technology & the challenges thrown by dynamic market forces, managing to stay at the top is never easy.  At Finolex, we continuously strive for excellence & keeping ahead of the times by constantly reviewing our capacities in light of both the contentions & the emerging opportunities. We take the process of learning seriously; constantly striving to upgrade capacities & building new skill sets. The training strategy covers the range of issues from Environmental to Behavioral & onward to Cognitive abilities.

Employing an experiential approach, the trainings utilize interactive learning techniques to help appreciate the concepts of team functioning & to understand the complexities of human behavior in the context of job requirements & organizational goals. The various exercises help bring to fore the diverse situations & challenges the participants would face in meeting their individual & organizational goals, thus helping locate the problamatique, devise ways of overcoming them & appreciating best practices advocated by academicians & successfully tested by practitioners in the field.

Based on learning needs, training courses have been designed in three formats :

General Purpose Training : Consisting of modules on soft skills & other sessions relevant to functions performed in the general context.

Capacities & Skills Enhancement workshops

While technical skills are crucial to supporting the company’s core competency needs, soft skills play a key role in an individuals competence enhancement & achieving of organizational goals through building of team cohesiveness & performance. Employing these skills to complement each other enables not only individual growth & job satisfaction, but also reinforces the professional approach & attitudes at place of work, thus enthusing us all - the members of Finolex Group - the self esteem & esprit de corps, which is the hallmark of belonging to an elite club.
Functional Needs Training : Consisting of modules covering the learning needs specific to or/ & especially required to perform job functions in various professional fields

Product & Sales Management Trainings

We arrange Product & Sales Management Trainings for our sales employees. This covers technical details of products,Testing & Quality Control, information about new product developments etc. It also includes training about some management concepts This training helps them in process of selling company products in very competitive market.     
Family Run Business Management Skills Enhancement Seminars
With the growing number of business associates (Channel Partners/Dealers) supporting our operations, these trainings are planned to build individual capacities in the field of ‘Family run Business’ while allowing for Finolex associates to work together & build stronger bonds within the Finolex family. The training being highly interactive enables learning from individual experience & expertise.
Product Based Trainings : This focuses on Finolex Group's products & their specifications, quality control & meeting of regulatory specifications etc.
Electricians & Re-winders Trainings
We also arrange training programmes for registered Electricians & re-winders at Pune, Ratnagiri & Goa plants. This training programme includes Plant Visit, Product Training,Testing & Quality Control,Human Dynamics,Communication Skills,First Aid training etc. At the end of this training programme a certificate is issued to participants. All the expenses for this training are borne by company.
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